Angela Hall
MSE Project Portfolio
HeadsUp Silent Company-Wide Alert System

An silent alert system to notify employees of Active Shooter situations and other important events.

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Vision Document 1.0
Project Plan 1.0
Software Quality Assurance Plan 1.0
Phase I Action Items
Formal Requirements Specification
Architecture Design
Vision Document 1.1
Test Plan
Formal Technical Inspection Checklist
Project Plan 1.1
Software Quality Assurance Plan 1.1
Phase III Action Items
Component Design Document
Assessment Evaluation
Project Evaluation
User Manual
Source Code - Java Client
Source Code - Web GUI
Compiled Jar - Client
Client Install Script
Client Uninstall Script
Formal Technical Inspection Documents
Formal Technical Inspection 1 :
Letter & Checklist

Formal Technical Inspection 2:

Updated Phase III Documentation

Architecture Design v3.0
Formal Requirements Specification v3.0
Test Plan v3.0

Code Repositiory
The code for this project is stored at GitHub

10.28.18 - I have completed the Phase 1 documentation and have an executable prototype. Currently the prototype consists of a server class which launches a GUI interface and a class that handles incoming client connections, and a client class which has no interface at this time. When you press the active shooter button on the server GUI, the client prints "active shooter" in the console window. The prototype demonstrates server/client connection and message passing.

3.11.2019 - I have the client and the server working with full functionality, and the required documentation for Phase II. I have to clean up some debug statements and a couple of bugs in the server related to database updates and then I believe I'm ready for Phase III.